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Follow the competition between participants from all around the world, watch breathtaking stories told with the impressive language of dance... Tag the ones that amazed You the most and win the contest for the best interpretation of a danced story.

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      Success stories

      What are the new stories going to be?

      Daria Olefirenko

      The Golden Pointe Shoes brings me back to the unforgettable memories of preparation for the competition. It was not easy, but it was very exciting. That year I had a lot of school exams, performances and tests, plus was preparing for the competition. My teacher, Marina Dobriakova, did an amazing job and that year she got the prize for the best teacher. The competition went smoothly for me, because it was well organized. When I got the prize, I couldn’t believe that! It was an unforgettable feeling of happiness, success and that all the hard work has finally paid off. I was invited to join The Prague State Opera and Ballet theatre where I successfully started my professional career. Thanks to an amazing team who organise this competition. I wish good luck to all future participants. Believe in yourself and never give up, even in extraordinary times like now! Warmest wishes, Daria

      Daria Olefirenko
      Patryk Walczak

      What I remember the most is that I had great fun during the competition, which wasn't appealing to all. Some people thought I'm not serious enough, but the fun is a thing which is the most important to me in this job. It doesn't matter if it's a competition or a show, I always try to enjoy what I am doing!

      Patryk Walczak
      Marcin Kupiński

      National Competition for The Best Graduate is a place of the warmest hospitality, freedom and great time. Everything is well organized and You can fully focus on Your own performance. At this competition, I've gained a lot of experience, improved my confidence and also kickstarted my career abroad.

      Marcin Kupiński
      Dawid Kupiński

      Ballet competitions in Szczecin always were, and still are, the place where talented students have an opportunity to present themselves and also to share the artistic experience. For me, these are some of the best memories of my school time. I had the chance and pleasure to be at the competition several times: as a participant, as an invited gala guest and as a member of the jury team. Every time I was amazed by the great organization of the competition, which was held in a warm and family-like atmosphere.

      Dawid Kupiński
      michal krcmar

      Golden Pointe Shoes competition means very much to me. It was the breaking point of my career, my first international success, personal achievement and also a big surprise. I remember it as a great time with a lot of new friends, which I am still in contact with, even after 12 years. Thank you, Golden Pointe Shoes and thank you, Dear Maria

      Michał Krcmar
      Victoria Nowak

      For me, participation in the GOLDEN POINTE SHOES competition was the culmination of many years of hard work. Being a laureate of the competition gave me strength and faith in pursuing my artistic goals.

      Victoria Nowak
      Kristóf szabó_2

      The Golden Pointe Shoes in Szczecin is still one of the best memories from my ballet school days. It was a very precious and inspiring time and also one of the very few occasions in Poland, when You can meet other young artists, including those from foreign schools. And in such a friendly atmosphere! Everything was organized professionally by the people who just love dance.

      Kristóf Szabó
      Izabela szylińska

      The Golden Pointe Shoes's Ballet Gala is one of the best experiences from my school days. Senior year of ballet school is very tense. Numerous exams, finals... The Golden Pointe Shoes is an amazing event that celebrates beautiful yet hard years of learning the dancer's profession. Outstanding atmosphere, great emotions, new friendships. A turning point in life, where You stop being a student and You begin a whole new chapter as a professional. The last evening of the competition is a great joy while dancing together until the very morning. I still remember it!

      Izabela Szylińska