Let ballet begin your

Are you graduating from ballet school this year? Do you love dance and dream of an international stage career? Take part in the most spectacular and prestigious ballet event in the world. Become a contestant and create a breathtaking story with the impressive language of dance...


The idea of the competition is to present and promote art performed by graduates of ballet schools from around the world, and above all to support them at the beginning of their professional careers. Golden Pointe Shoes are not only an opportunity to appear among critics and the wider audience, but also to fight for the unique Grand Prix award - as much as 5000 euro!
Let ballet begin your story! Show your spectacular choreography in a classic or contemporary style... full of emotions... passion... and filled with hidden meanings which will not only charm the judges but also encourage the sensitive audience to contemplate.
Uncanny sensations and amazing awards await: 1st place — 2 000 euro 2nd place — 1 000 euro 3rd and 4th place — 500 euro You can also become "The Best Graduate of Polish Ballet Schools", win 5000 zł and steal the people's hearts!
Participate and become famous!


Evaluation of your skills will focus on: style form and character of the movement, technique, elegance, body line, expression, musicality and artistic personality. Classic dance and free arrangement will be evaluated separately by the jury. Your dance story will also be watched by an audience from all over the world. Even they can interpret and rate your performance.

When assessing your skills, they will take into account such characteristics as: form of style and nature of movement, technique, elegance, body line, expression, musicality and artistic personality. The jury will evaluate the variation of the dance from the classical repertoire as well as the free arrangement. Your dance story will also be followed by the audience gathered in front of the monitors, who will be asked to interpret the performance and evaluate it.
Sięgnij po Grand Prix 2021. Zapisz się teraz!


Fundacja Balet

For the last 30 years, The Ballet Foundation has undertaken initiatives and multidirectional activities which have promoted the development of ballet and other stage arts by patronizing, supporting and granting impresario services.

The Foundation has already: granted nearly 22 scholarships in music education and 93 in ballet education, has awarded 55 winners of ballet competitions and has taken care of 100 students of The Ballet Foundation’s Musical and Dance Studio.

As a part of taking care of the others, The Ballet Foundation supports artistic education and funds courses that help deepen the professional dancing skills of the ballet adepts.

I'm glad that even during these hard times of pandemic, our Competition will take place. After all, there are people graduating from ballet schools each year, and each of them is young, talented and eager to sacrifice everything to get an education. Many hours of hard work and discipline are required to achieve perfection, to acquire the diploma. It is a beautiful and outstanding profession. It's crucial to begin Your journey early and do it as best as You can.

I hope that The Golden Pointe Shoes will help You to begin Your great career in the way You've always dreamed of.
I admire You all, amazing Dancers and I bow deeply before You.
I keep my fingers crossed!

Good luck!

Paulina Andrzejewska – Damięcka
Director of the Competition

Success stories

What's Your story going to be?

Daria Olefirenko

The Golden Pointe Shoes brings me back to the unforgettable memories of preparation for the competition. It was not easy, but it was very exciting. That year I had a lot of school exams, performances and tests, plus was preparing for the competition. My teacher, Marina Dobriakova, did an amazing job and that year she got the prize for the best teacher. The competition went smoothly for me, because it was well organized. When I got the prize, I couldn’t believe that! It was an unforgettable feeling of happiness, success and that all the hard work has finally paid off. I was invited to join The Prague State Opera and Ballet theatre where I successfully started my professional career. Thanks to an amazing team who organise this competition. I wish good luck to all future participants. Believe in yourself and never give up, even in extraordinary times like now! Warmest wishes, Daria

Daria Olefirenko
Patryk Walczak

What I remember the most is that I had great fun during the competition, which wasn't appealing to all. Some people thought I'm not serious enough, but the fun is a thing which is the most important to me in this job. It doesn't matter if it's a competition or a show, I always try to enjoy what I am doing!

Patryk Walczak
Marcin Kupiński

National Competition for The Best Graduate is a place of the warmest hospitality, freedom and great time. Everything is well organized and You can fully focus on Your own performance. At this competition, I've gained a lot of experience, improved my confidence and also kickstarted my career abroad.

Marcin Kupiński
Dawid Kupiński

Ballet competitions in Szczecin always were, and still are, the place where talented students have an opportunity to present themselves and also to share the artistic experience. For me, these are some of the best memories of my school time. I had the chance and pleasure to be at the competition several times: as a participant, as an invited gala guest and as a member of the jury team. Every time I was amazed by the great organization of the competition, which was held in a warm and family-like atmosphere.

Dawid Kupiński
michal krcmar

Golden Pointe Shoes competition means very much to me. It was the breaking point of my career, my first international success, personal achievement and also a big surprise. I remember it as a great time with a lot of new friends, which I am still in contact with, even after 12 years. Thank you, Golden Pointe Shoes and thank you, Dear Maria

Michał Krcmar
Victoria Nowak

For me, participation in the GOLDEN POINTE SHOES competition was the culmination of many years of hard work. Being a laureate of the competition gave me strength and faith in pursuing my artistic goals.

Victoria Nowak
Kristóf szabó_2

The Golden Pointe Shoes in Szczecin is still one of the best memories from my ballet school days. It was a very precious and inspiring time and also one of the very few occasions in Poland, when You can meet other young artists, including those from foreign schools. And in such a friendly atmosphere! Everything was organized professionally by the people who just love dance.

Kristóf Szabó
Izabela szylińska

The Golden Pointe Shoes's Ballet Gala is one of the best experiences from my school days. Senior year of ballet school is very tense. Numerous exams, finals... The Golden Pointe Shoes is an amazing event that celebrates beautiful yet hard years of learning the dancer's profession. Outstanding atmosphere, great emotions, new friendships. A turning point in life, where You stop being a student and You begin a whole new chapter as a professional. The last evening of the competition is a great joy while dancing together until the very morning. I still remember it!

Izabela Szylińska



5 000 

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Event timeline

June 5, 2021
Deadline for submitting the applications
June 5, 2021
June 6, 2021
granting participants unique identification numbers
June 6, 2021
June 18, 2021
1st stage
June 18, 2021
June 19, 2021
2nd stage
June 19, 2021
June 20, 2021
Ballet Gala presenting the Competition winners and invited guests
June 20, 2021

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The Jury

beata ksiazkiewicz

Dr hab. Beata Książkiewicz

President of the Jury

Prof. Ewa Wycichowska

professor of musical arts
Piotr Nardelli

Piotr Nardelli

Aleksandra dziurosz

Dr hab. Aleksandra Dziurosz


Vladimir Issaev

ballet master
Jacek przybyłowicz

Jacek Przybyłowicz


Rosa Olympia Estrella

choreographer, flamenco dancer
Marcin Krajewski

Marcin Krajewski

unnamed (1)

Lukas Slavický

foto oficial Gina Natteri

Gina Natteri Mármol

Michal Krcmar Photo Mirka Kleemola

Michał Krcmar

leading principial dancer

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A D.Sc. in Arts, proffesor at UMFC (Chopin University of Music), teacher, choreographer, a graduate With Honors of Faculty of Pedagogy and Choreography of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in Moscow (GITIS). For many years, a teacher at State Ballet School in Poznań and lecturer at the UMFC in Warsaw (major: dance, specialization: the pedagogy of ballet). The creator of the choreography for ballets: The Nutcracker (music: P. Tchaikovsky), Cinderella (music: S. Prokofiev), The Ugly Duckling (music: F. Schubert), Figure of Porcelain (music: G. Bizet), Slavonic Circle (music: Kwartet Jorgi), Polish Kaleidoscope (music: collage: Chopin, Moniuszko, Tolhaje, Marek and Wacek and Kwartet Jorgi) and countless choreography sets. A methodological guardian of the ballet school Kalinka in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain. The Artistic Director of the International Festival of Young Dancers in Poznań. The author of the book Ballet Show for Children – Creative Process.

In 2018 she was a nominee for the 2nd degree award of the Rector of the UMFC. In 2019 she was nominated for Janina Jarzynówna-Sobczak Pearls of Dance award in the category: “outstanding teacher, journalist, theoretician and promoter of the art of dance”. She is the initiator of the Children of Dance campaign witch helps dance-talented children from orphanages and endangered environments. In 2020 she was awarded with the Medal „Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis”. She works with great commitment, passing knowledge, experience and passion to her students and future generations of Polish ballet schoolteachers.

Prof. Ewa Wycichowska

A  D.Sc. in Arts, dancer, choreographer, teacher, lecturer, professor of musical arts, Head of the UMFC Dance Studio in Warsaw for many years. She graduated from the Secondary Ballet School in Poznań, Music Academy in  Warsaw, and  L’Academie Internationale de la Danse in Paris. For many years she was a prima ballerina of the Grand Theatre in Łódź. In 1980 she made her debut as a choreographer with the performance The Woman’s voice (from an unknown poet) to the music of Krzysztof Knittel, at the Grand Theatre in Łódź. She is an author of more than 70 performances staged in Poland, Europe and the USA. In the years 1988 – 2016 she was a Chief Executive and Artistic Director of Polish Dance Theatre of Poznań Ballet. In the history of Polish art of dance she is one of the most prominent figures that have changed the face of art and education in this field, she became a worldwide ambassador of Polish art of dance. She received many awards, such as the Silver and Gold Medals „Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis”, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage’s special Award, the Arts Award of the City of Poznań, and the Gold Medal of Hipolit Cegielski – Verba Docent, Exempla Trahunt. Winner of the “Eminent Figure of Organic Work” prize in 2020.

Piotr Nardelli


Born in Krakow. Graduate of Warsaw Ballet School. Soloist of the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, Opera in Marseilles and Roland Petit Ballet. Since 1973 he has been con- nected with Maurice Bejart’s 20th century ballet both as a dancer and his assistant, at various shows in many theatres of the world. Bejart’s Bolero: Bolshoi, Deutche Oper, Ballet de Santiago Theatre Colon in Buenos Aires. Bejart’s Gaite Parisienne: Stuttgart Ballet, Tokyo Ballet, The Australian Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet in Copen- hagen, Ballet in Santiago, Chile, La Scala Theatre in Milan, Rome Opera and recently Bejart Ballet in Lausanne, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9: Paris Opera, Tokyo Ballet and Bejart Ballet in Lausanne. Since 1979, together with Andrzej Ziemski he has been creating Balletomania ballet studio in Brussels. A guest pedagogue in numerous thea- tres. He has been conducting various seminars and workshops in Europe and Japan. He has been on jury of international dancing competitions, including, currently, in his favorite Szczecin.

dr hab. Aleksandra Dziurosz


Associate professor at UMFC (Chopin University of Music in Warsaw), dancer, choreographer, teacher of contemporary dance, scenic movement and improvisation, D.Sc. in Dance Arts, Institute of Music and Dance’s Vice-director, director of Warsaw Dance Days – International Festival of Contemporary Dance. Artistic manager of Chopin University Dance Company.

Graduate of: Ludomir Różycki State Ballet School in Bytom, UMFC in Ballet Pedagogy (diploma With Honors) and Collegium of World Economy at SGH Warsaw School of Economics in Postgraduate Studies for Culture Managers. As a dancer, dance educator and choreographer she played, taught and presented her works in Japan, Spain, Puerto Rico, China, United States, Greece, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. Dance performance choreographer and scenic movement creator for theatre and opera. She worked for Polish Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre of Kielce, Prague Chamber Balet (CZ), United Movement (CH), Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Sevilla (E), Warsaw Chamber Opera, Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, Jewish Theatre in Warsaw and Henryk Tomaszewski Wroclaw Mime Theatre, among others.

Jury member of national and international dance and choreography competitions. Member of Polish Choreology Forum, ZASP (Polish Society of Scenic Artists) and ZAiKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers).

Awarded three times with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship: scholarship for artists (2006, 2016) and “Młoda Polska” (Young Poland) scholarship (2012). Awarded twice with the scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (scholarship for young scientists). Scholar of Swiss SCIEX programme (Scientific Exchange Programme NMS.CH 2014 – 2015). Scholar of The Ballet Foundation, Szczecin (2001) and Pokusa Scholarship Foundation, Kraków (2002, 2003).

Winner of the UMFC’s Rector group award of the 1st degree (2017) and two-time winner of the individual award of the 2nd degree (2012, 2017), winner of the choreography award of Polish Dance Theatre Director’s Ewa Wycichowska (2005) and the 1st prize of THE BEST OF SOLO PERFORMANCE (X Solo/Duo Dance Festival, Budapest, 2009).

More information on: www.dziurosz.pl oraz www.wtt.waw.pl

Vladimir Issaev

Ballet Master, Choreographer and Artistic Director at Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. Born in Russia in 1954. In 1987 he moved to Venezuela, where he worked as Ballet Master for the  the Ballet Nacional de Caracas – Teresa Carreno, where he remained for over seven years, teaching and preparing the professional dancers for their roles. He is being invited for cooperation by companies such as Le Jeune Ballet de France, Ballet Nacional de Espana, Les Ballet Jazz de Montréal, The Orlando Ballet, The Matsumoto Ballet, Ballet Nacional de Peru. From 1997 until August 2002 Ballet Master at the Miami City Ballet School. As a choreographer he has staged several ballets in Russia, the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Japan. Belongs to the artistic advisory council of the Classical Dance Alliance and is a member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

Jacek Przybyłowicz


Graduate of Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In years 1987 – 1991 dancer of Grand Theatre, Warsaw. He spent the rest of his dancing career in Germany and Israel. Dancer of Kibbutrz Contemporary Dance Company under Rami Be’er’s directory for 7 years. He also played with Batsheva Dance Company in Kyr of Ohad Naharin in the Yair Shapiro Awards. After his return to Poland, he dedicated himself to the choreographic work only. He made over 20 shows for such institutions like Polish National Ballet, Polish Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre of Kielce, Ballet of Baltic State Opera, Ballet of Wrocław Opera, Ballet of Grand Theatre in Poznań. Since many years he has staged his spectacles abroad in Dantzaz Kompainia – San Sebastian, Beijing Dance LDTX, Prague Chamber Ballet, Balet Narodni Divadla – Brno, TanzKompanie Giessn and others. His choreographies included Polish and foreign dance teams and were played on several dozen festivals around the world – in Czech Republic, China, Cyprus Denmark, France, Spain, Japan, Latvia Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Tunisia, Ukraine, United States, Italy and Hungary and others. His most important works include: Dove’s Necklace, Barocco, Autumn – Nuembir, 45, Several short sequences, Alpha Kryonia Xe, III Symphony – a song about night, Six Wings of Angels, 'II Violin Concerto, Infolia, Play of Cards, Monochrome, Beyond The Horizon, Globe, Mistic Vapor, Verlorenheit, Sono nero, Solo no. 6.

He also choreographed two solo plays – Solo in Old Style for Viktoria Nowak and Lacerta for Paulina Bidzińska, with witch the Polish artists won the Eurovision Young Dancers competition in 2016 and 2018. The opera Oedipus Rex, directed by him in 2013, with Igor Strawiński’s music, has been recorded by Arte television on the Opera Festival Szeged.

Ballet director in the years 2009 – 2014 for Grand Theatre in Poznań. Lecturer at Chopin University of Music in Warsaw since 2015. Curator of ballet program for Wrocław Opera in years 2018 – 2020. Chairman of dance programme council for The Institute of Music and Dance. Winner of the 1st prize at II National Polish Choreography Contest at Grand Theatre in Łódź. Laureate of Annual Award of Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Dance category. Awarded with the Medal „Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis”.

Rosa Olympia Estrella

Flamenco dancer and choreographer. Rosa started learning flamenco at the age of 8 with Enrique el Canastero and Mariquilla in the Albaycin, district of Granada, Spain, only to continue her studies at the Dance Conservatory in Classical Spanish Dance and Flamenco classes. Later she moved to Seville, Spain, were she studied under Manolo Marin, La Tona, Milagros Menjibar and choreography master Javier Latorre. In the following years she trained mainly in the United States, at The Broadway Dance Center and with the Jose Limón in New York. Her practices included jazz, tap and contemporary dance. Since the beginning of her carrier Rosa performs as soloist and choreographer, and she is known for successfully incorporating varying dance styles and disciplines into her work. Fusion being her specialty, she has included classical, jazz, tap, break-dance, Balinese, West African, and many Latin styles into her choreographies. She has taught and performed throughout Spain, as well as Japan, Scandinavia, Canada, Romania, Austria, Poland and across the United States.

Maciej Krajewski

A graduate of the Ballet School in Poznań in 1999. Awarded with the First Prize at the National Dance Competition in Gdańsk (1999), the winner of the Best Graduate of Polish Ballet Schools title (1999), finalist at the Grand Prix Eurovision in Lyon (1999), a scholar of the Ministry of Culture and Art. He has danced almost all over the world, including France (the Jeune Ballet de France, The Paris Opera, Champs Elisees Theater in Paris), Spain (the Madrid Theatre in Madrid), Bulgaria (The National Theatre in Sophia), Poland (Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, The Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw), Germany (The National Theatre of Hesse in Wiesbaden, soloist of the Staatsballet Berlin), Austria, Switzerland, United States (Lincoln Center Theater, the Florence Gould Hall in New York), Mexico (soloist of the Compania Nacional de Danza, Ballet the Monterrey), Dominican Republic and on the Canary Islands. Currently, an international dancer performing as a guest around the world, invited by the biggest ballet stars, such as Manuel Legris, Vladimir Malakhov, Lucia Lacarra, Roberto Bolle and many others. International guest teacher.

Lukas Slavický


Born in Prague. After his studies at The Prague Dance Conservatory (1991 – 1999) he joined The Bavarian State Ballet in Munich. In 2002 became a soloist and later the main soloist, in 2003. His repertoire is both classical and contemporary. He appeared in Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quiote, La file mal gardee, Cinderella, and many others. He also worked with such choreographers as Jiri Kylian,William Forsythe, John Neumeier, Mats Ek, Alexey Ratmansky, Aszure Barton and others. In 2003 he received Prix Benois de la dance for the best male dancer. From 2016 he is the ballet artistic director of the ballet at The South Bohemian Theatre in Česke Budějovice.

Gina Natteri Mármol


She began her education at The Conservatorio Nacional de Danza, Universidad Nacional Mayor de
San Marcos, where she studied under Roger Fenonjois. Her teachers were also Vera Stastny,
Alejandro Plissetsky, Jacob Lascu, Jaime Díaz, Jane Hedal and Anna Sokolow. She also had the
opportunity to work with such choreographers as Rosemary Helliwell, Anette Page, Susana Linke,
Gray Veredon and Roystone Maldoon.
In order to develop her skills and also to improve her education, Mrs Natteri participated in festivals,
contests and other dance events. She was a part of various dance tours which took her to many
Peruvian provinces and also to Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Spain, England, USA
and Poland.
As a principal dancer of the National Ballet and San Marco´s Ballet, Gina starred in the most
distinguished plays from the classic repertory (The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Cinderella, etc.). She also
played in the stagings specially prepared for those ballet crews. Furthermore, during the time she
belonged to those crews, she developed curiosity and enthusiasm for choreography, and these led
her to put on some of her own work.
Mrs Natteri has a solid education in classic and contemporary dance; therefore, as a recognition of
her career, Peru’s Ministry of Education gave her the “Classic dance artist” title. In May 1994, she
was chosen as the Escuela Nacional Superior de Ballet´s Director.
Gina ha finished complementary studies in Education at Universidad Pedro Ruiz Gallo, and in Arts, at
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, institution where she teaches too. She is also a teacher
of the Education for the Arts Master’s degree program at Universidad Ricardo Palma.

Michał Krcmar

leading principial dancer

Leading principal dancer of The Finnish National Opera, guest Principal dancer,  a choreographer and a teacher. Born in Prague.He has finished The Prague Conservatory and began his career in The Bohemian Ballet in Prague.
Has danced in many ballet galas all around the world, including:
Festival of Art in Toyama — Japan in 2008,
Ballet Festival in Cali — Colombia in 2009 and 2010,
Gala concert in Phnom Penh (Capital city of Cambodia), in honour of the King of Cambodia Norodom Sihamoni in 2009,
Charity Gala for Japan in Stuttgart  — Germany 2011,
Gala performance of the world ballet stars in Sochi during Olympic games in 2014
Charity event of International Dance Chance foundation in Maribor — Slovenia in 2015
He has also danced in Russia, Portugal, China, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary.

2010/2011 joined the Prague State Opera Ballet as Principal dancer and guest Principal dancer of Finnish National opere
2011 joined the FNO, frequent guest principal dancer in Estonian National ballet and Czech National ballet and named the Patron of Prague State opera ballet school of Olga Kynlova
2015 appointed to Star dancer of Finnish National ballet, received the Price of audience by Pro Dance organisation,
2016 got Edward Fazer Price for the most useful dancer of the FNB

In his professional career, he has starred the most important roles in the best classical ballets, including:

The Prince and The Bluebird in The Sleeping Beauty,
The Prince in The Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and The Cinderella,
Albrecht in Giselle and Basilio in Don Quixote,
Spartacus, Onegin, Romeo and many others.

Michał has also performed in contemporary dance under modern and tremendous choreographers:
Jiří Kylián, Nacho Duato, Jorma Elo, Jerome Robins, Carolyn Carlson, Petr Zuska, Deatmar Seifert, Natalie Horečná, Pavel Šmok, Emrecan Tanis, Ville Valkonen…

Dance teacher at:
Helsinki Ballet Academy,
Accademia Ucraina di balletto in Milano,
Okamoto Ballet Festival in Fukuoka – Japan,
Arte Balletto Akademie in Catania – Sicily,
Prague Conservatory.

Winner of many awards:
2009 – **Grand prix** in „Złote Pointy” (Poland),
2009 – **1st place** in Professional category „A” of competition in Brno, (Czech Republic.),
2009 – **2nd place** in „Prix Carpeaux” (France),
2007 – **laureate** of „Vienna International ballet competition” (Austria).